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168th ASA meeting

Several weeks ago I was in Indianapolis for the 168th ASA meeting. The main reason for me to go to this conference was to meet fellow VASTCON members.

The conference was quite a bit different from the one I attended in Krakow. There were spaces available that one could work, including internet connectivity, and the chairs were actually comfortable. Basically every evening there were activities, ranging from a visit to a museum to a Halloween party. While the conference was small there were some interesting special sessions, like the session on hot topics in acoustics and the session on acoustics and education. From the technical sessions I especially liked the session on meta-materials and sonic crystals.

Thursday morning there was a VASTCON meeting and in the afternoon was the VASTCON-organized session on virtual acoustics. During this session I gave a presentation on how to include the effects of turbulence on sound propagation for auralization of aircraft noise.

On Friday me and some others of VASTCON visited the Herrick Labs at Purdue University. There they had a very interesting device they used to measure the noise from a rolling tyre. The device is basically a circularly shaped road with two wheels on arms rotating rapidly moving over the road.

After a (very) short stay in The Netherlands I'm in Gothenburg again at Chalmers. Strange to be there again!