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Sparse arrays in Python

Numpy offers dense arrays and both Numpy and Scipy offer sparse matrices. However, they don't offer any sparse array solution. On the web I found some implementations of sparse arrays but they were generally quite limited:

  • ndsparse operators only support scalars
  • sparray operators only support other sparse arrays

What I would like to do is replace in some of my calculations certain dense arrays with sparse arrays. Numpy compatibility is therefore important. A first version can be found here.

What works?

  • The basic operators work with scalars, sparse arrays and dense arrays.
  • Basic slicing is partially supported. newaxis, None, slice and Ellipsis aren't really supported yet.
  • Converting from dense to sparse and vice versa

What's left to do?

  • Finish basic slicing
  • In-place operators
  • Advanced slicing
  • Enforcing dtype
  • Cythonize

Because I was curious I Cythonized it quickly. While it is much much faster than the plain Python implementation it still is about a factor 1000 slower than dense arrays when operatoring with a dense array. Unfortunately this is too slow for my use case, so for now I reverted to using dense arrays but with a reduced model size. Nevertheless I am sure there is a significant performance increase possible.

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