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Back in Gothenburg for SONORUS

Last month I was back in Gothenburg for a week and it was nice! I've been living in Gothenburg for close to two years and being back there brought up some good memories. The reason I was there again was that we had a course for SONORUS on leadership.

In the course we treated topics like communication, knowledge, coaching, group dynamics and decision making. There was one very interesting exercise on group dynamics. In 20 minutes the entire group had to agree on a list of statements related to meetings. We also built a tower using dry spaghetti, a meter of tape and a marshmallow, or at least we tried!

Besides the course we spent time on some practical matters in the project, like discussing how we would cooperate, e.g. with regards to sharing data. Another topic that was discussed is the upcoming International Noise Awareness Day, but more about that later!