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During my previous post I already wrote that I arrived in Jodhpur, how amazing the guesthouse was and that I went to see an Indian doctor. The medication did its work and after some days I was feeling good again, and ready to explore the town!

The fortress

Jodhpur has a nice bazaar around the clocktower. Here one can also find excellent lassis which are actually quite a bit different from the other lassies I had so far. A lassi is a drink that consists of yogurt mixed with water and spices. Normally one drinks a lassi but this one is quite a bit thicker, requiring the use of a spoon. It also had a strong lemon taste to it.

The fortress entrance

The main attraction of Jodhpur is the fortress. Located on a hill it is beautiful to see. The fortress also offers amazing views over the new and the old, blue city. In this case I think pictures say more than words :-)


The blue city and a flock of pigeons that can always be found at the fort.

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