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Summer in Norway

Many that know me are aware of the fact that I am spending this summer in Oslo, Norway. In May I was offered a position for the summer at the Noise & Vibration section at Det Norske Veritas in Høvik. Thus far I am quite content with the work. I've been traveling a lot across Norway for noise and vibration measurements (DNV Comfort Class) and I've started working on noise and vibration predictions.

Oslo seems to be a nice city as well. Especially the location where I live; everything is basically around the corner. Commuting time is acceptable and nature can be reached in about half an hour. Unfortunately I haven't really been able to see much of the nature outside Oslo due to the bad weather and a bad fever last week.

The coming week I am having off from work, and what way to spend it better than to go hiking! Monday I will take the bus/train to Liomseter from where I will hike for five days along the final part of Jotunheimstien. Last week I bought all the gear (ouch, Gore-Tex is expensive!!) I think I will need for this and future trips. What future trips, you might ask. Well, at least end of next month I intend to walk the Kungsleden in Sweden.

Anyhow, summer thus far has been quite nice with visiting The Netherlands again, as well as attending Hultsfredsfestivalen in Sweden. And with the forecast of the hiking trips it only seems to become better :-)

To end this post I have here a nice recording of the Norwegian band Katzenjammer, who were playing at Hultsfredsfestivalen as well, though this is a recording from elsewhere.